Protect and Grow Your Customer Revenue

Identify and build stronger relationships with your customers to reduce churn and drive upsells

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Equip Your Team With Predictive Power

Take the guesswork out of customer engagement. Powered by big data and machine learning, Preact automatically crunches customer behavior data to enable smarter, timely, data-driven customer outreach.

Proactively Delight Your Customers

Exceed the expectations of each customer. Preact detects changes in customer behavior and recommends the best proactive engagement strategy, at the right time.


A Simply Productive Way to Work

Make your team as efficient as possible. Preact easily integrates with the applications your team uses daily to analyze customer behavior and automatically push actionable insights to your team’s fingertips.

A Beautiful Way to Engage Customers

Engage your customers by first engaging your team. Preact is intuitive, visually pleasing and delivers the complete picture of customer health at a glance.


Integrate Everywhere

Preact integrates data with all of your existing tools and works seamlessly with your existing workflow.

Since we've been using Preact, our churn rate dropped by over 50%, our entire team became at least 25% more productive, and our upsell rate has grown significantly.
Robert J. Moore,
CEO, RJMetrics

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